Sell Your Car OC

The Challenge

Sell Your Car OC was a brand new business that was founded as a way to solve the inventory struggles that dealerships were faced with in the recent years. They came to us looking to generate qualified leads for individuals that are looking to sell their vehicles so they can effectively acquire vehicles without having to deal with auctions or trade-ins. 

Packages Used

Here are the different packages that Sell Your Car OC  used to achieve their goals

Lead Generation

Web Design

SEO Growth

Created Website & Developed Landing Pages

Professional Web Design & Content

We designed a professional, modern website that targeted all the different types of vehicles Sell Your Car OC was looking to acquire.

Landing Pages Optimized To Convert

We also designed and developed multiple custom landing pages to help convert more visitors into actual leads

Accelerated Qualified Leads & Growth With Paid Ads

The next challenge we had to address was getting Sell Your Car OC in front of qualified individuals looking to sell their vehicles. We utilized multiple paid advertising channels including Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and Instagram Ads. Through our paid ads we were able to increase the number of leads that Sell Your Car OC was received within the first 30 days.


Launched Our Proven Google Ads Campaigns

The Google AdWords campaign we ran for Sell Your Car OC was very effective in targeting individuals that were actively looking to sell their vehicles. We utilized a combination of search ads, remarketing ads, and display ads to make sure we were casting a wide net and reaching as many potential leads as possible. 

Accelerated The Results With Our Social Media Campaigns

In addition to our paid ads on Google, we also ran Facebook and Instagram ads. We targeted individuals within a specific radius of Sell Your Car OC’s locations that had shown interest in selling their car. These ads were extremely effective in getting Sell Your Car OC in front of potential leads that were ready to do sell.

Grew Organic Visibility & Traffic

To supplement our paid advertising efforts, we also worked on growing Sell Your Car OC’s organic traffic. We did this by optimizing their website for search engines and creating high-quality blog content around topics related to selling a car. This helped increase the visibility of Sell Your Car OC’s website and get them in front of potential sellers

Improved Visibility For All Their Targeted Vehicles

We were able to achieve top 5 positions for a lot of the vehicles they were looking to target within the first 90 days. 

Increased Organic Traffic by 367 X

We helped increase their organic traffic by  oy 367 times within the first 12 months in one of the most competitive industries.

Reduced Lead Response Times

The final challenge we had to address was making sure Sell Your Car OC was responding to leads in a timely manner. We did this by setting up multiple marketing automation that would notify the Sell Your Car OC team as soon as a lead came in. This helped Sell Your Car OC connect with potential sellers while they were still interested in selling their car.

Automatic Texts For New Leads & Missed Calls

We set up was an automatic text message that would be sent to the Sell Your Car OC team as soon as a new lead came in or if a call was missed. This helped them connect with potential sellers right away and increase the chances of getting their business.

Connect With Ease With Automatic Lead Call Connect

The second marketing automation we set up was an automatic call connect feature that would connect the Sell Your Car OC team with their leads right away.

Improved Conversions With Automatic Follow Ups

Like many in the automotive industry, Sell Your Car OC’s Buyers were struggling with followup with all the leads that were coming in. Which is why we implemented our proven automatic follow up text and emails that helped take a lot of the manual workload off the staff.

Implemented Automatic Follow Ups

We ensured leads didn’t get stale or abandoned due to lack of follow ups with our automations.

Improved Lead Response Rates By 4X

Often times you’re staff isn’t follow up with the leads that you’re paying for before moving onto other leads. We were able to help Sell Your Car OC get ahold of 4 Times more customers with our proven automations that enticed leads to respond. 

Our Results Verus Their Other Fuel by

Sell Your Car OC was previously working with Fuel by to help them purchase more vehicles but had very poor results. We challenged Sell Your Car OC to try our services side by side and were able to completely blow the results from Fuel out of the water. 

11,753% Lower Cost Per Qualified Lead

During the 90 day challenge we were able to achieve a cost per lead of only $37.83 versus $4,500 cost per lead with Fuel

Generated 7,350% More Qualified Leads

We were able to 149 qualified individuals looking to sell exotic and luxury vehicles within 30 days while Fuel only generated 2 leads.

Over 387% More Website Traffic & Reach

We were also able to generate 387% more traffic from their targeted areas compared to Fuel by

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