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We offer strategic and effective pay per click services that are tailored to your business’s needs. Whether you’re a local business looking to get in front of more potential customers, or a national brand looking to dominate the market, our results driven ppc management services will help you reach your goals. 
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Pay Per Click Advertising

Before PPC campaigns became popular in the marketing industry, advertising was riskier because fixed costs were entailed regardless of whether the campaigns brought significant traffic to business sites or not. Brands had to wager on each marketing campaign without full assurance that it would add value to their business. 

With pay-per-click advertising, fixed costs are now variable as costs are only incurred when an actual visitor is brought to the business site through the advertising campaign. 

What is Pay Per Click Advertising?

Pay per click or PPC works exactly how it sounds. Brands or businesses pay each time a user clicks on their advertisement to visit their page.

There are many types of PPC advertising and brands can set the goal for each campaign such as increasing website traffic, optimizing conversions, boosting sales, or generating leads. Businesses get more customized and targeted advertising this way, so the ads are sure to reach the right audience who have high chances of becoming actual paying customers. Facebook advertising is a popular form of PPC advertising using social media platforms. 

Search or Google AdWords advertising is another form of a paid search ad. The ads from a search campaign appear on Google’s top search results every time a user’s search matches the ad content. Brands only have to pay when users click on the actual ad that takes them to the business page. 

PPC advertising also includes a campaign called Display Advertising. These are visual ads that can typically be seen as banners on top of mobile applications, websites, and social media platforms. 

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Different Types of PPC Management Campaigns

Lyfted Agency is an Orange County PPC agency that specializes in all kinds of PPC management advertising campaigns. Here are our top PPC services

Google is the biggest platform that people go to when they’re looking for something to do, something to buy, or somewhere to go. Simply put, Google is the one-stop-shop for users to find answers for all their needs. 

With Google AdWords or Google Advertising, your ads can appear in front of your customers right when they search for what you offer. Your ad will show up at the top of the search results when it matches any search made on Google Search or Google Maps. The well-timed ad that a Google advertising campaign offers can turn random users into valuable customers.   

Millions of people in Orange County alone spend hours on social media platforms every day and Facebook has the greatest number of daily active users.  Facebook is also a hotspot for businesses urging more people to look for whatever it is they need on the platform. 

Lyfted Agency is a PPC management Orange County agency offering expert Social Media Marketing services. Your ads will show up on the top search results page when people search for businesses like yours on Facebook.

No need to wait for prospects to look for you before you make them an offer. Display advertising also targets people who are not necessarily looking to buy anything but might just get enticed with your products/service and make a purchase. 

Display advertising campaigns typically take the form of banners on top of websites, mobile apps, or social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You only need to pay when a user clicks on your ad and makes an actual visit to your business page. 

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Should Your Business Engage in PPC Advertising?

On average, businesses spend 5 to 12% of their total revenue on marketing. Marketing budgets can be easily burned through especially when companies are not cautious about where they put their money. 

PPC management offers a cost-effective marketing solution that guarantees results without causing brands to spend beyond their budget. Pay-per-click advertising allows you to reach and engage your target audience with ease and drive traffic to your website without worrying about overspending. These ads only incur costs when people click on your ads and the prices are set by bidding so businesses can enjoy more flexibility in their ad spend. 

There are many more benefits that businesses can reap from PPC management and advertising campaigns, including

All businesses, no matter the size can truly benefit from engaging in PPC ad campaigns. 

Our Orange County Pay Per Click Advertising Solutions

We cater to all kinds of PPC advertising requests including Google, Facebook, Display, YouTube advertising, and other platforms. Our team of experts can guarantee results as we target the right audience to help you boost sales through professional keyword selection, ad copywriting, landing page design and optimization, and reporting and insights to name a few. 

What Makes Lyfted AGency Special - Our secret sauce

Why Choose Our PPC Agency in Orange County?

Lyfted Agency offers exceptional PPC solutions unparalleled by any other PPC company in Orange County. Here’s what sets us apart from the competition

We help businesses of all sizes in Orange County grow exponentially and boost their sales through strategic custom-built PPC solutions that increase online visibility, web traffic, and conversion rates. 

We have a clean track record to prove that we are experts in PPC and have years of professional experience to be the most reliable PPC agency in the county. 

 We deploy ROI-focused PPC strategies that guarantee trackable results that meet your goals and earn valuable business data for PPC forecasting in future campaigns. 

We are innovative in our ways to put you above the competition and help you keep up with the changes of the constantly evolving paid advertising world. 

How an Orange County Pay Per Click Agency Can Help Your Business

PPC is one of the most effective marketing tactics for businesses of all sizes, on average, earning businesses $2 for every $1 they spend on Google Ads. But without enough expertise and experience, PPC campaigns will not only overwhelm you but make you waste a lot of money too. That’s why hiring a professional PPC agency is the best decision to make. 

Lyfted Agency has a team of Orange County Pay Per Click management experts who have the talent and experience of PPC to make things work right from the start. Hiring someone who is not proficient in PPC will have a steep learning curve which will not only cost you more in terms of money but will also set you back time-wise as it will take longer to get you a strong ROI. Not only do we specialize in pay-per-click campaigns, but we also make sure to devise strategies that are ROI-focused including conversion rate optimization.

What Makes Lyfted AGency Special - Our secret sauce

DIY vs. Hiring a Professional Orange County Pay Per Click Agency

Many companies, especially start-ups, wonder if they truly need to hire PPC professionals to be successful in their ad campaigns. Some figure that PPC advertising can be achieved with just a few clicks, but they couldn’t be more wrong. 

While performing PPC management may seem intuitive, it’s actually harder than it looks. Hiring a professional Orange County Pay Per Click agency is the best way to go in order to experience the following benefits

While PPC advertising offers businesses flexible ad spends, it is still quite costly to set up, manage, and maintain especially when not done right the first time. With advertising, you need to make sure that each campaign achieves the goals you’ve set so you can get returns before spending more.

Experts have the knowledge to structure your ads adequately and monitor your campaigns. Setting up a PPC ad is complex and doing it on your own will leave you confused on which campaigns earned what returns.

Specific and targeted PPC is needed for Google to trust your brand enough to get you a top search rank position, drive more traffic to your website, and generate more leads. Only Orange County Pay Per Click professionals who have the expertise and experience can do that successfully.

PPC management agencies don’t only set up PPC ad campaigns, they also focus on conversion rate optimization. Professionals can build landing pages focused on conversions that increment your ROI. 

PPC advertising is not only costly money-wise but also timewise for people who attempt to do it without adequate expertise on the matter. You’ll burn through precious time trying to figure out how to make things work instead of focusing on running your business.

The takeaway? Leave it to Orange County Pay Per Click experts and save yourself precious money and time so you can focus on growing your business in other ways instead!

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