OC Wrap Shop

The Challenge

OC Wrap Shop is a Wrap Shop based in Orange County, CA that came to us looking for a way to increase their incoming leads for all their services and further accelerate their growth.

They also were in desperate need of a new website that not only better matched their brand but also listed all the different services they have. 

After our initial discovery call our team was able to recommend the right packages that best suited their needs. Find out how we helped OC Wrap Shop scale their business and double their revenue. 

Packages Used

Here are the different packages that OC Wrap Shop used to achieve their goals

Lead Generation

Web Design

SEO Growth

Redesigned Website & Developed Landing Pages

Before we could focus on growing their business and generate leads we had to update their website which wasn’t properly built to convert. The design was outdated and the user experience wasn’t up to par with today’s standards. In addition, the website didn’t have any additional pages for their services, so they were missing out on valuable leads.

Professional Web Design & Content

We gave the OC Wrap Shop website a complete facelift. We designed a sleek, modern website that reflects their brand identity and makes it easy for users to find the information they need. In addition, we created quality content for all of their services, which has helped them generate more leads and grow their business.

Landing Pages Optimized To Convert

We also created unique landing pages for the different services they were looking to generate more leads for with paid advertising. These landing pages include strong calls-to-action and clear information about the services offered.

Increased Traffic, Leads, & Revenue With Paid Ads

OC Wrap Shop has seen a significant increase in traffic, leads, and revenue since partnering with us. Our paid ad campaigns have helped them reach more people interested in their services, and our web design and content have helped convert those leads into customers. Thanks to our efforts, OC Wrap Shop is now one of the leading wrap shops in Orange County

Accelerated Leads For PPF and Ceramic Coating Services

We created the unique paid ads campaign and landing pages for their PPF and Ceramic Coating services, which included strong calls to action and clear information about what was offered. 

Increased Overall Revenue & Appointments

Thanks to our efforts, they have seen a significant increase in leads and sales for both of these services. In addition, their overall revenue has increased thanks to the additional business they are now generating.

Grew Organic Visibility & Traffic

In addition to our paid advertising efforts, we also helped the OC Wrap Shop grow their organic visibility and traffic. We did this by optimizing their website for search engines and creating quality content that was relevant to their services. As a result, they now rank higher in search results and are getting more organic traffic than ever before.

Improved Visibility For All Their Services

The OC Wrap Shop offers a wide range of services, and we wanted to make sure that all of them were being seen by potential customers. With our proven SEO strategies we were able to improve the visibility and leads for all their services. 

Increased Organic Traffic by 352.87%

We used a variety of SEO techniques to help the OC Wrap Shop website rank higher in search results. As a result, they saw a 352.87% increase in organic traffic within the first 90 days. 

Increased Calls from Google By 57% in 30 Days

With our Lyfted Agency Digital Takeover Method we were able to also increase the calls from their Google Business Profile by over 57% in the first 30 days.  We also implemented a better call tracking system so we can track all the calls they were able to generate. 

Reduced Lead Response Times

One of the biggest challenges the OC Wrap Shop was facing was their lead response times. They weren’t able to get back to potential customers in a timely manner, which was affecting their chances of converting those leads into customers. Thanks to our efforts, we were able to help them reduce their lead response times and increase their conversion rate.

Automatic Texts For New Leads & Missed Calls

In order to further improve their lead response times, we implemented a smart form that would send customers automated text messages whenever they filled out a lead form. We also set up missed call texts so that they would always have a way to get in touch with potential customers.

Connect With Ease With Automatic Lead Call Connect

We also made it easier for OC Wrap Shop to connect with leads with our Automatic Call Connect. Whenever a lead fills out a form it automatically calls OC Wrap Shop and lets them know there’s a new lead waiting to connect. All they have to do is press any key and they’re connected with the lead within seconds. 

Improved Conversions With Automations

In order to improve their conversions, we set up a number of marketing automations. We created email drip campaigns, lead nurturing workflows, and a variety of other automations that would help move leads through the sales funnel. Thanks to our efforts, the OC Wrap Shop has seen a significant increase in their conversion rate. 

Implemented Automatic Follow Ups

We added automatic follow up automations that send automatic texts to any lead that went stale so they don’t have to waste time manually following up with their leads. 

Saw a Big Increase In Overall Conversion Rates

With all the combine marketing automations we implemented, OC Wrap Shop was able to see a massive increase in their overall business. 

Accelerated Online Reviews with Automations

While OC Wrap Shop had a solid 5-star online reputation, they lacked a consistent stream of incoming reviews and were fairly behind in terms of the number of reviews compared to their competition.  We were able to help them accelerate their online reputation and reviews with our review automatinos. 

Send An Automatic Review Request

We integrated with Square their payment processor so we can automatically send out a review request to all their customers 

Increased Positive Reviews By 500%

With our automatic review requests we were able to help them grow their online reviews by over 500% in 90 days. 

The Results

Here’s a preview of the results we were able to achieve within their first month with Dominate Automotive. We’ve blocked out their closed and conversion rate to protect their private business information but you can see the massive results we’re able to achieve with ZERO Ad spend. 

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